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Schools Offering Paralegal Training

If your goal is to work in a professional legal environment helping lawyers prepare for trial, an education can be the first step taken toward becoming a paralegal or legal administrative assistant. A career as a paralegal can be a good fit if you like performing research and administrative duties.

The primary task of paralegals and legal assistants is to perform supervised legal tasks and functions that require a strong understanding of the law. This enables attorneys to spend time on other duties, like defense, litigation, negotiations and settlements for clients.

Many legal teams value paralegals and legal assistants. A paralegal's duties and responsibilities are often only limited by a paralegal's desire to learn and take on the tasks delegated by an attorney. Your career as a paralegal or legal admin assistant can begin by earning an associate or bachelor's degree in paralegal at an accredited school.

National Professional Paralegal Associations

Find Paralegal Schools

If you have a desire to train for a career in paralegal, Everest College, Everest Institute and Everest University can provide the training you need at a number of select paralegal schools across the country. Search the list provided below and find a local paralegal school near you.

The quickest way to request information to learn more about any paralegal school on the list is to fill out the form on this page.






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